Research & Innovation

Research & Innovation

Built on a foundation of research-based nutrition solutions and data-driven operational improvements for the dairy, meat and egg industries, the people of Team Provimi continuously aim to conduct research trials that improve quality and efficiency in animal agriculture.

Our three Provimi technology application centers are supported by dedicated research nutritionists, specialists and farm managers. Provimi research teams work cross-functionally with account managers in validating customer insights and testing hypothesizes to provide fact-based recommendations. These recommendations result in cutting-edge solutions for our customers. Provimi aligns research trials with the current industry needs and market trends. We then convert this knowledge into tangible improvements in nutrition, products and performance. 


Swine Nutrition Research

Poultry Nutrition Research

Calf Nurture Research Center

Dairy Nutrition Research

Being a part of Cargill provides our customers’ access to more than 500 research professionals working in 17 state-of-the-art innovation and application centers around the globe. We pride ourselves on having the deepest knowledge across livestock, poultry and aquaculture.

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