Vital-ME® 160

Vital-ME® 160


Vital-ME® 160 is a high quality concentrated source of metabolizable energy (ME) for lactating dairy cows, containing predominantly stearic (C18:0) and palmitic (C16:0) acids. The fatty acid composition of this product is specifically designed to provide energy to the cow, to help her maintain body condition, positive energy balance quickly in early lactation, and to support milk production and reproduction. This dry, prilled feeding fat is specially formulated to a melting point of 160o F, which greatly improves handling characteristics.


What is it that makes Vital-ME® 160 feeding fat so reliable?


Vital-ME® 160 is...
  • Free-flowing and easy to handle
  • Effectively increases the energy density of diets
  • Highly palatable to livestock
  • Does not interfere with rumen fermentation
  • Will not contribute to milk fat depression
  • Produced in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility
  • Backed by the technical support and customer service professionals at Provimi


How should I use Vital-ME® 160?
  • Add it to Total Mixed Rations, grain supplements, or vitamin/mineral premixes to increase the energy density of the diet
  • Vital-ME® 160 can also be top-dressed at a feeding rate of up to 1 lb./cow/day. When topdressing a ration it is recommended to gradually increase the feeding rate over a period of one to two weeks
  • Consult with your nutritionist to find optimal feeding levels and get the best return on your investment
Why should you consider trying a new product? It’s just another fat, isn’t it?

Vital-ME® 160 is so much more than just a fat. By switching to Vital-ME® 160 you’ll get proven flowability up to 160o F and unwavering support from Provimi.

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