Provimi brings distinct value to our customers through innovative solutions and capabilities they can trust.  We manufacture and distribute over a half a million tons of animal nutrition and specialty products each year at our five locations across the United States, with primary hubs in Lewisburg, Ohio and Fremont, Nebraska. Our success in animal nutrition is rooted in research, technology, quality, traceability, consistency, confidentiality and respect for our partners. 

We’ve built our considerable experience in premix and specialty product manufacturing by providing individualized solutions with a distinctive difference for our customers. The capabilities in our Provimi manufacturing locations are diverse and dependable.

We have several hundred ingredients in stock to meet your specific needs. We are committed to offering customers efficacious additive technologies and trusted solutions. Our range of products and packaging options go from four-ounce canisters of microbial products in our specialty blending area, to standard nutritional products and packaging. In Lewisburg, Ohio we have two separate manufacturing and warehousing sites; one dedicated to medicated products and the other dedicated exclusively to non-medicated products. All Provimi facilities are operated with industry leading production systems designed to meet customer requirements.

We also feature bar code and RFID technology that gives you the highest level of assurance in traceability of ingredients, additives and animal nutrition products.

Our breadth of experience and strong relationships with leading suppliers of vitamins, trace minerals, pharmaceuticals and other ingredients have made us the partner of choice in blending premixes, base mixes, specialty pellets, non-medicated and medicated additives.

Success in premix and specialty product manufacturing requires confidence. Provimi offers you the expertise to ensure the desired result. We are committed to manufacturing and distributing high quality, safe products.  Our facilities hold certifications under AFIA Safe Feed/Safe Food and FAMI-QS/International Safe Feed/Safe Food programs.

We’ve invested in lab facilities with the latest in testing technology – such as Near Infrared Reflectance (NIR) – that enable us to produce products with precision and with specific properties in performance, handling and quality.

We get the product to you on time and in good hands. Our transportation partners deliver what you want, in the packaging option you require, and when you need it.

We are dedicated to nutrition knowledge, services and solutions that help animal producers, feed manufacturers and consultants succeed.