AAlphaTek™ Dairy Cattle Supplement

AAlphaTek™ Dairy Cattle Supplement

Reduce Ruminal Protein Degradation.

 AAlphaTek is a supplement for lactating dairy cattle that reduces ruminal protein degradation, increasing the bypass or rumen undegradable protein level of a diet. Sources of dietary rumen undegradable protein can then be replaced with more affordable protein sources. Protein breakdown in the rumen releases ammonia, which is either captured in microbial protein or converted to urea and excreted, wasting energy and protein. AAlphaTek reduces the protease activity of specific species of rumen bacteria. Decreasing ruminal protein degradation with AAlphaTek reduces rumen ammonia production and results in higher nitrogen efficiency.


Research shows that AAlphaTek:
  • Reduces rumen protein degradation
  • Increases rumen undegradable protein level of a diet
  • Allows for replacement of rumen undegradable protein sources with less costly protein sources
  • Lowers rumen ammonia
  • Allows rations to be balanced with less crude protein
  • Enhances nitrogen efficiency
  • Lower ration costs without affecting production
  • Increases Income Over Feed Cost
  • Has a low inclusion rate (0.1 lb/hd/day)
  • Is easy to incorporate into supplements
  • Can be modeled in AAMPS®


How Should I Use AAlphaTek?
  • The first application strategy is to reduce dietary protein costs: The decrease in ruminal protein breakdown with AAlphaTek allows for inclusion of less rumen undegradable protein, decreasing ration cost
  • The second application strategy is to add AAlphaTek in addition to current ration rumen undegradable protein sources: The additional rumen undegradable protein from AAlphaTek can result in increased milk production
  • Consult with your nutritionist to find optimal feeding levels and get the best return on your investment
Why should you consider trying AAlphaTek™? 

AAlphaTek reduces ruminal protein degradation, allowing the formulation of diets with less rumen undegradable protein and potentially decreasing ration cost.



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