CinnaGar® Plant Extracts

CinnaGar® Plant Extracts


CinnaGar® is a unique blend of plant extracts designed to enhance rumen efficiency and shift the rumen volatile fatty acid profile. CinnaGar® is manufactured in a patented process in which plant extracts are encapsulated within a fat matrix. Encapsulation prevents evaporation of the plant extracts during feed manufacturing.


How should I use CinnaGar® plant extracts?
  • CinnaGar® is available in two concentrations:
  • Add CinnaGar® 30 into the ration at the rate of 0.01 lb/hd/day
  • Add CinnaGar® 3 into the ration at the rate of 0.10 lb/hd/day
Why should you consider trying CinnaGar®?

CinnaGar® is a blend of plant extracts that may enhance the efficiency of rumen fermentation.

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