Specialty Blending Facility

Specialty Blending Facility

Our Specialty Blending Facility leverages our partnerships for raw material sourcing and our strengths in manufacturing, quality assurance, and customer service to help our customers serve their customers. Investing in state-of-the-art blending capabilities allows us to bring new innovations to our customers and offer custom blending services. We manufacture private-label forage inoculants and other specialty products for our customers.


What can we offer you?


Formulation library and capabilities

Whether you would like us to replicate your current product, design a new formula to meet your specifications, or propose a completely new product or product line for you, we have the ingredients, sourcing relationships, and expertise to meet your needs.



All of our bacteria strains have been developed for specific applications and are supported by research. We also have the ability to perform bench-top, mini silo, and full-scale silage bunk research on private label forage inoculant blends as an additional service.



We offer very flexible packaging capabilities to meet your specific needs and requirements, including packaging water soluble inoculants into canisters, foil pouches, and foil bags from 100 grams to 25 lbs and dry granular premixes and dry granular inoculants and other specialty products into heat-sealed bags (50 lbs) or lined pails (25 lbs).

Quality Control

Before release, all products are tested for bacteria count and are inspected to ensure they meet our strict quality standards. We have researched best formulation practices for bacteria viability, inoculant solubility, color dispersion, and other key factors and apply our learnings to all products. To promote longer shelf life, our packaging is either induction or heat sealed and our product inventory is stored at refrigerated temperatures.



For private label customers, we offer shipment by FedEx Freight to your location or, for an added charge, shipment by FedEx/UPS to your customers’ locations. Our just-in-time fulfillment program, with direct shipment of product to end users when they need it, means that you don’t have to worry about logistics or carrying inventory and orders can be placed based on current conditions for harvest.



Our in-field technical and sales support team with over 100 years of combined experience is available for seminars, webinars, dealer meetings, field days, and staff training to help you grow your inoculant business. Our talented office staff supports formulation, regulatory, graphic design, and marketing materials to make sure products and materials are ready when you need them.


Customer Service

We have a dedicated Customer Service team knowledgeable about our capabilities and forage inoculants to help manage orders and logistics for you and your customers.


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