Promote® I.C.E.® Plus

Promote® I.C.E.® Plus

Summer Success Depends on Hydration


Lactating dairy cows are prone to heat stress when the temperature humidity index (THI) rises above 68. A drop in milk production follows within 48 hours. While managing heat stress with on-farm protocols is necessary, nutritional solutions can also help mitigate the effects of heat stress.

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Keep Cows Cool with Promote® I.C.E.® Plus


Promote® I.C.E.® Plus is a proprietary blend of key ingredients that helps cattle better regulate their body temperature during heat stress, keeping cattle cool from the inside out (Figure 1). Promote® I.C.E.® Plus has been reformulated for 2020 to include plant-based compounds that help support animal health during stressful conditions. 



Promote I.C.E. Plus has also been shown to help maintain milk production during heat stress (Figure 2).



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Promote I.C.E. Plus should be added to the diet when nighttime temperatures stop dropping below 60º F and should be kept in the ration until nighttime temperatures are consistently below 60º F.

Heat Stress Infographic


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Promote®  is a line of dependable feed additives that are designed to help animal producers enhance performance, uphold animal welfare, and better adapt for tomorrow’s consumers.



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