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Heat stress takes a toll on cows. Within 48 hours, milk production drops off as cows spend more energy staying cool. Sprinklers and fans can improve cow comfort, but you can mitigate the effects of heat stress nutritionally as well to provide relief to the cow and support her performance.

I.C.E.® is a proprietary combination of key ingredients, including an osmolyte, that help animals stay hydrated. The elements of these internal cooling elements work at the cellular level to help cows better regulate their body temperature during heat stress. Cows begin to experience heat stress once the Temperature Humidity Index (THI) exceeds 68. This can begin at temperatures as low as 68°F with a relative humidity of 85%.



Adding I.C.E.® to the ration during the summer helps the cow overcome stress and continue to perform. Internal cooling elements support continued milk production and can help significantly improve reproductive performance during warmer temperatures. Results from an on-farm trial in Indiana showed cows that were fed I.C.E.® maintained milk production at a higher level than those that were not fed I.C.E.®


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Researchers conducting a trial in Brazil found that embryo production and oocyte quality were better in cows fed I.C.E.® Supplemented cows produced 13% more embryos, which resulted in more pregnancies per flush than cows that were not fed I.C.E.® Comparing only flushings that resulted in embryo transfer, the group that was fed I.C.E. had 98% more pregnancies per cow.


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