Dairy Cattle Nutrition Research

Dairy Cattle Nutrition Research

Lactating Dairy Research

Provimi works in collaboration with industry and participating colleges and universities to provide research for lactating dairy cattle. These findings are used to bring value to our customers and their nutrition programs both on-farm and through literature studies.

Studies conducted through our dairy cattle research program include:

  • In Vitro and In Vivo Studies
  • AAMPS® Development
  • Ingredient and Nutrient Analysis
  • Global Research and Product Development 
Nurture Research Center exterior Dairy Calf Research

The Nurture Research Center™ is a state-of-the-art calf research facility dedicated to furthering our understanding of calf management and nutrition. Results of research trials have been used to develop milk replacers, starters, and grower feeds that are unique to the industry. Knowledge from this research has been used to improve calf nutrition and management. 

Research conducted by a team of five on-site technicians and the Provimi calf technical team has resulted in over 60 peer-reviewed journal articles summarizing over 150 research trials. 

The ability to immediately tap our technical expertise across businesses and disciplines around the world allows Provimi to leverage the depth of our collective knowledge and relevant previous experience to help solve problems quickly. Access to the Cargill world of scientific and technical knowledge helps avoid the time and cost of reinventing — and allows you to move your product to market more quickly.

If questions outside our areas of expertise should arise, we collaborate with universities and other private research entities to continue pursuit of deeper understanding for the effect of nutrition on development, physiology and metabolism of the animals our customers’ feed.

Aerial view of the Elk River Innovation Campus Global Innovation Campus in Elk River

The Innovation Campus in Elk River is one of our five Animal Nutrition and Health Global Innovation Centers. In these Innovation Centers, we conduct research to develop and evaluate solutions, products, and nutritional strategies that we offer to our customers globally.

Our Innovation teams also model animal digestion and nutrient utilization to validate and enhance our formulation systems and nutrient analyses. All innovation projects are conducted with the help of experts from different area within our team, and in our wide range of experimental capabilities that range from in vitro systems to lactating cow and calf facilities. In addition to our fermentation assays, our laboratory scientists also use a variety of cell culture-based models coupled with functional, biochemical and molecular assessments to screen compounds during new product development prior to comparing them in vivo. These in vitro assays also allow us to better understand the various mechanisms by which new or existing products can improve the health and nutrition of our animals.

Our innovation makes Provimi products science-based solutions, and these, together with our technical advice and expertise, allow us to bring holistic solutions to our customers around the world.