Forage Pro®

Forage Pro®

Increase forage digestiblity and intake by feeding Vigortone® Forage Pro® Products, an economical and convenient way to improve forage utilization and intake.

Forage Pro® is a self-fed, free-choice protein and mineral supplement designed with an array of complementary protein sources. It includes Aspergillus oryzae to stimulate additional rumen fiber digestion and contains a full dose of minerals, so no additonal mineral supplementation is needed.

Matching the appropriate Vigortone® Forage Pro® product to your forage provides a cost-efffective way to meet the nutritional needs of your cow herd.

Forage Pro® is offered in the following forms:

  • Forage Pro® 22%
  • Forage Pro® 44%
  • Forage Pro® 66%
  • Additive and medications are available upon request according to approved label directions