AAMPS Feed Formulation Software

AAMPS Feed Formulation Software

Where Cow Sense Meets Science®

If this, then what? It’s a question that gets asked over and over when putting together a ration. And AAMPS answers like nothing else can, turning a nutritionist’s own observations into accurate, performance-improving predictions.

Brought to market by Provimi, AAMPS is the best way to determine the economic impact of any diet change on current and future herd performance.



Why AAMPS Feed Formulation Software?

When herd performance doesn’t match what the software predicts and you can’t figure out what happened—or what to do next—nothing helps you find answers like AAMPS can. AAMPS is built on a robust database of inputs and additives which is routinely updated with cutting-edge science and peer-reviewed research.



The Benefits of AAMPS Feed Formulation Software


  • Helps optimize microbial protein outputs from the rumen
  • Helps in selecting the most efficient combination of protein feeds
  • Helps balance more precisely for carbohydrate fractions
  • Provides results from more extensive feed analysis, such as in situ or in vitro digestibility value
  • Identifies limiting nutritional factors
  • Allows for more precise adjustments with various forage qualities


  • Helps achieve the best possible return over feed cost
  • Helps achieve the greatest output of milk components
  • Helps determine the cost benefits of various strategies that change nutrient digestibility (e.g. heat processing soybeans).
  • Focuses on metabolizable protein to avoid overfeeding protein



Backed by an Expert Team

Technology works best when it’s backed by people who help you make the most of it. The Provimi Dairy Technical Team is well trained academically and has decades of real-world experience. This combination of both cow sense and science can help you better understand dairy cattle and cow biology at a deeper level. They are always ready to exceed your expectations by providing expertise via our newsletter  and real time technical support that will help your ration be a success.