Swine Research

Swine Nutrition Research

Provimi Swine nutrition services are built on a foundation of research-based nutrition solutions and cutting-edge innovation. We truly understand our customers’ needs are critical to improving quality and efficiency in animal agriculture. 

We work closely with feed manufacturers and swine producers to provide nutritional and swine management recommendations. Provimi swine nutritionists and technical specialists offer our customers’ unmatched academic and industry experience. You can see our team’s passion for nutrition in the purpose we apply to research, product development and customer service.  

Local research facilities in Ohio include two 1,000 head grow-finish research facilities and seven 1,000 head nursery buildings. Provimi leverages the resources of Cargill global swine research and development capabilities, which includes breeding herd research, additive development and technology research, and additional swine nursery and grow-finish research facilities.