Promote® Forage-Mate® products are created by combining extensive forage protection research, feed-application insights, and global expertise.

Both independent and private research has continued to show a significant economic advantage for treating forage with microbial inoculants. A Kansas State study, which analyzed 1,000 silage samples from 25,000 silos, reported 90% of the comparisons vs. a control silo indicating an economic benefit of using inoculant technology1 and another study from the University of Delaware reported a 3.1 lb. milk response2.


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What are the advantages of using a microbial inoculant?
  • Improved dry matter recovery
  • Improved speed of fermentation
  • Reduced final silage pH due to higher lactic acid production
  • Improved nutrient digestibility
  • Enhanced palatability 
  • Improved animal performance
  • Some products (Promote® EBL and BP) have also been shown to improve aerobic stability (bunk life)


How do you choose which microbial inoculant to use?

Provimi US offers 6 unique Forage-Mate® microbial inoculant products that can be used on multiple types of forages. It is advised that you speak with a qualified Promote® Forage Quality Specialist to discuss the differences between our products and to ensure you get exactly what you need to achieve your desired outcome.



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