Beef Cattle Solutions

Beef Cattle Solutions

Tried. Trusted. True.

Vigortone® is another investment that has paid off since 1912. That’s when Dr. E.B. Fenton started using high-quality, nutrient-specific ingredients from the finest sources available, always insisting on just the right minerals in precise portions. Now part of the Cargill Animal Nutrition line of mineral products, Vigortone® continues to be about quality—first, last and always.



Believe in Consistent Quality and the Digestibility Advantage.

With Vigortone®, you can count on nutrients getting to where they will do your animals the most good. Every time. Since each lick contains the same nutrients as the last lick and the next one, you’ll know—you’ll just know—you’re getting a digestibility advantage you won’t find anywhere else. Believe it.



Believe in Superior Ingredient Sourcing and Manufacturing.

The digestibility advantage starts by sourcing the highest-quality ingredients then manufacturing them to perform like nothing else can.



Believe in Experienced, Trained Support.

While what’s in each Vigortone® bag is impressive, what’s behind it just might fill you with even greater confidence. Vigortone® minerals are backed by professionals who thoroughly understand your business and way of life. These experts are ready to do right by you and your cattle, applying decades of experience in beef cattle nutrition to your specific needs with cost-effective, performance-maximizing nutrition programs. Believe it.



Believe in Exceptional Cattle Performance.

You love every part of your way of life, especially the part where you get the results you expect and need from whatever products you decide to invest in. Vigortone® will deliver on that front as well—with increased utilization of pasture and forage, increased weight gains, improved health and better overall cattle condition. Believe it.