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Results of research trials conducted at the Nurture Research Center were used to develop NeoTec5g®, AmNeo™ and Complement®.  These additives technologies are included in milk replacer, starter, and grower formulas to promote rumen development, calf growth and health and sustain growth of young animals through improving metabolism, digestion and absorption.

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NeoTec5g® provides a specific blend of essential fatty acids which are deficient in milk, milk replacer, starter and growers. The specific fatty acids in NeoTec5g® (butyric acid, medium chain fatty acids, and linolenic acid) are deficient in the typical US calf’s diet. NeoTec5g® helps calves utilize nutrients that contribute to bone growth and muscle mass. In addition, short and medium chain fatty acids support gut and multi-organ development and maintain whole body wellness. This accelerated development helps calves to become ruminants faster, creating swifter and earlier starter consumption and additional performance gains. 

NeoTec5g® combines its research proven fatty acid technology with three additional nutrients (called g factors) to help improve the digestion, metabolism and absorption of nutrients by the calf. NeoTec5g® provides highly functional nutrients and improves performance of calves in the milk feeding starter and grower phases of life. 

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It’s not enough to provide just crude protein to calves. It’s about providing the right sequence of essential amino acids. Using AmNeo, Provimi’s updated amino acid balancing technology, to supplement specific amino acids in a calf’s diet reduces the need to increase crude protein, while maximizing overall efficiency, average dairy gain (ADG), and cost effectiveness. Provimi is one of the first companies to actively research the effects of amino acids on calf performance outside of veal calves. Studies conducted at Provimi’s Nurture Research Center (NRC) have specifically investigated amino acid requirements for milk replacer-fed calves, addressing the optimum amino acid-to-energy ratio in milk replacers and identifying the optimal formulation of milk replacers based on limiting amino acids. AmNeo is used in milk replacers.

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Complement® is a concentrated milk protein containing many of the components of colostrum. Complement® functions independently of NeoTec® fatty acids, complementing its benefits. Consumption of colostrum extended beyond initial, normal consumption at birth has been shown to improve health and average daily gain. Complement® is used in milk replacers.

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