Dairy Feed Additives

Dairy Feed Additives

Nutrition can be the deciding factor when it comes to a dairy operation hitting or missing performance goals. Obstacles such as volatile feed prices and feed conversion inefficiencies in lactating cows call for tailored solutions to meet these challenges head-on.

Promote® is a range of products prepared to help customers overcome nutritional hurdles and achieve on-farm goals. With a full line of dairy feed additives and forage inoculants, Promote® products provide a range of technology and research to help meet a variety of nutritional needs.

The Provimi team of dairy specialists and nutritionists aligns additive development, technology, and research to provide solutions for challenges producers face.  A complete offering with the right nutritional solution and Promote® product delivers performance-focused nutrition, supports the productivity of animals under stress, and provides increased profitability.



A blend of flavors sourced from plant extracts

Cinergy IGP


A combination of bacillus, yeast culture, and reed sedge peat to promote rumen health and function

CinnaGar® Plant Extracts


A unique blend of plant extracts designed to enhance rumen efficiency, decrease methane production and shift the rumen volatile fatty acid profile

Defusion® VAC-60


A unique combination of rumen buffers, yeast cultures, bacterial fermentation products, feed preservatives, and vitamins


Defusion® 501


A freely-flowing, anti-caking agent and pelleting aid



Inoculants and aerobic stabilizers for forage preservation and nutrient retention for silage and hay



Blends that help livestock cope with heat stress by helping reduce dehydration and mitigate elevation in body temperature

Valido Iplus® YM


A blend of yeast culture, yeast-derived functional carbohydrates, bacterial fermentation products, and other beneficial ingredients to promote gut function in ruminants

Valido™ Choline RP


A microencapsulated choline chloride, providing rumen-protected choline with superior availability post-ruminally

​Promote® Additives