Kelly Plaine

Dairy Specialist

About Kelly

Kelly works out of Central Minnesota as a Dairy Specialist providing support to independent dairy consultants and feed mills throughout Minnesota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. In addition to nutritional technical support, Kelly provides a problem-based approach to the specific challenges that individual dairies are experiencing. Kelly’s background in health and production medicine, along with his knowledge in reproduction and nutrition provide a unique perspective to his on-farm approach.

Kelly’s free time is often spent with his wife and their children. Kelly’s daughter is an account executive with an advertising agency, while his son is a singer/songwriter. His younger daughter is currently enrolled in college and is majoring in pre-med. Additionally, Kelly enjoys being outdoors to hunt and fish.

Member of Team Provimi since: June 3, 2013


B.S. Animal Science, North Dakota State University

M.S. Reproductive Physiology, North Dakota State University

Ph.D. Digestive Physiology, North Dakota State University

DVM Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Iowa State University