Whatever Your Goal is, FLOCKtrak Can Help You Reach It

Keeping accurate, secure records is a vital everyday practice for optimum production and management of today’s egg-production operations. But how does this data translate into real-time results?

With the help of our experienced poultry nutritionists and researchers, Provimi developed FLOCKtrak, an advanced egg production records management and benchmarking database.



Why FLOCKtrak?

FLOCKtrak allows egg producers to take their data one step further with easily generated reports showing production performance between flocks, year over year, and industry comparisons for benchmarking success. Based upon results calculated in FLOCKtrak, Provimi nutritionists and poultry specialists work one-on-one with producers to implement their feeding program and make recommendations on overall flock management that align with their operational goals.



  • Timely implementation of nutrition program to achieve performance goals and manage feed costs
  • Identify opportunities in the production system
  • Expanded benchmark reporting and improved graphing capabilities
  • Easy-to-read, user-friendly reports are accessible via a password-protected web site
  • All data are kept strictly confidential



Provimi partners with MetaFarms, Inc. on the development and user experience interface of FLOCKtrak, which we offer in a web-based software platform.