Dennis Wood

Area Sales Manager Calf and Heifer Specialist

About Dennis

As a member of the Provimi Team, Dennis is charged with helping dealers find solutions for livestock producers on a daily basis throughout his territory in the Great Lakes region and Ontario. He is constantly working with customers to develop relationships and help them to be a valued contributor in their local markets. Dennis also works closely with both Provimi Milk Replacer and Calf Starter products in order to help producers employ the most economic and sustainable program for their specific operations.

Dennis is involved in both production forage and beef cattle operations outside of work. He also spends much of his time raising his kids and paying tuition! Dennis loves supporting his daughter during her flag corps performances and has many years of memories with his two sons and their consecutive three-year state championship high school football teams.

Member of Team Provimi since: February 2, 1982


B.S. Agricultural Economics, Purdue University