Sabrina Williams

Research and Development Manager

About Sabrina

As a Swine Research Manager, Sabrina is responsible for coordinating and leading the swine research trials conducted at the North America Technology Application Center. In her role, she prioritizes topics, manages trial objectives, determines the best experimental designs, interprets data, and communicates results to the technical team, industry colleagues, and customers. Sabrina is also engaged with the Additives Team in the development of new additives. As a Product Development Manager, Sabrina works in conjunction with the Swine Product Manager to update Provimi U.S. swine products based on recent research findings to ensure that we are offering the best nutritional solutions to our customers. In addition, Sabrina also works closely with the global team to exchange research information, processes, and how to better align research priorities that can be advantageous to our business on a global level.

Sabrina enjoys spending time with her two children, Lexie and Ryan. Attending her children’s activities including soccer, showing dogs in 4-H, and Girl Scouts keep her busy. Born and raised in Brazil, Sabrina is a huge soccer fan. Other interests include outside activities with her children and traveling to learn about new cultures.

Member of Team Provimi since: June 30, 2003


B.S. Animal Science - Louisiana State University

M.S. Swine Nutrition - Louisiana State University