Bruce Maley

Sow Production Specialist

About Bruce

Bruce consults on-farm with swine customers, making every effort to ensure best management practices around sow husbandry, focusing on internal biosecurity and elimination of interference with farrowing processes. His end goal is for sow farms to produce as many high quality piglets at weaning as possible; piglets that have excellent profit potential all the way to market. Bruce is also responsible for production and research at a customer-owned sow farm leased by Cargill in Iowa. Working with people and pigs is Bruce’s true passion. He enjoys meeting and conversing with owners, lenders, farm staff and anyone interested in the industry.

Bruce and his wife Julie enjoy spending time with their three children and grandchildren and run a smoked barbeque catering business. When life’s busy schedule spares him some free time, he enjoys visiting Florida and fishing in northern Minnesota.

Member of Team Provimi since: October 11, 2004