Swine Nutrition Programs

Swine Nutrition Programs

Our swine nutrition programs are built around our customers’ goals and bottom line. We know that producers need to maximize the performance and profitability of their swine operations. We know that our feed manufacturers’ value a dedicated Provimi account team to regularly run price optimization scenarios to continuously adjust diets to meet their performance goals.

Provimi has researched and designed three swine nutritional diet strategies: breeding program, nursery program and a grow-finish program.



Swine Breeding Program

Our breeding program applies nutrients to a sow’s diet to ensure optimized sow performance and that their piglets are born healthy. Feeding strategy for breeding farm management is important at each stage, the gilt and the sow. Feeding strategies for today’s top-performing sows must match the nutrient requirements in order to support and sustain longevity of the sow.

To achieve the full reproductive potential of any sow, it is necessary to consider the whole breeding cycle beginning with the young pre-pubertal gilt. All phases of the sow’s reproductive cycle are interrelated. Nutritional status of the gestating sow has a profound effect on lactation performance and post-weaned breeding performance. The Provimi gilt and sow feeding programs are formulated to support high milk production in modern genotypes and promote efficient rebreeding and longevity of the sow.

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Swine Nursery Program

Piglet nutrition is imperative to enhance early pig performance and maximize intake and gain. A properly phased feeding program utilizing a series of prestarter and starter diets will provide a smooth transition from mother’s milk to corn/soy diets in addition to optimizing performance and cost. Modifications can also be made in the overall farm nursery-feeding program to fit the unique nutritional needs of lightweight and fallback pigs to enhance total group uniformity.

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Swine Grow-Finish Program

Understanding each customer’s different dietary phases and nutrient requirements is at the core of the Provimi Grower-Finisher diet strategy. The role of phytase enzymes is critical for pigs in the grower and finishing stages. The phytase enzyme helps to improve digestibility of naturally occurring phosphorus in feed. This addition spares inorganic phosphorus needed in the diet, which is normally added as dicalcium phosphate.

In most cases, it will be cost effective to utilize the phytase enzyme, with reduced phosphorus excretion as a benefit. There are, however, certain cases where producers may elect to not use phytase. This could occur when a producer puts an added value on the phosphorus content of swine manure, or if the product containing phytase has to be stored for an extended period of time.

Provimi nutritionists work with customers to understand their unique grow-finish applications and adjust diet strategies accordingly.

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