Swine Grower-Finisher Products

Swine Grower-Finisher Products

Understanding each customer’s different dietary phases and nutrient requirements is at the core of the Provimi Grower-Finisher diet strategy. Hog feed intake slows and potential for muscle deposition is extremely high. So while pigs in this stage do not require complex diets like the nursery pigs, the grower-finish stage does require detailed analysis of variables that impact your bottom line, such as amino acid levels, ingredient pricing, age spread of pigs within a barn and delivery schedule. 

Provimi conducts swine grow-finish research in two 1,000 head facilities, a high-rise finishing facility and wean-to-finish barn. Both facilities have automated electronic feeding systems, which deliver experimental diets to individual pens. Provimi conducts research to determine the amino acid and calorie requirements at each specific point on the growth curve for a wide variety of genetic lines.

Provimi consults with producers to design a multi-phase pig feeding program that fits their operation, incorporating the proper grower and finisher base mix products. All Provimi-formulated base mixes contain added crystalline lysine to reduce the amount of soybean meal added to diets. To reduce phosphorus use and excretion, Provimi nutritionists typically recommend utilizing Provimi base mixes containing phytase.

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Designed to help balance an animal’s appropriate ratio between essential amino acids and protein. 


Add pac designed for use with Gro-Fin 55-45, Gro-Fin 46-37, or a Provimi formulated bulk base mix to provide an equivalent level of nutrition as Gro 65 Phytase.

Gro-Fin 46-37 

An essential part of a grower-finish diet because it includes added crystalline lysine to improve lysine balance and lowers the required soybean meal levels needed in finishing diets. 

Gro 65 Phytase

Complete base mix that provides a unique amino acid combination required to support rapid muscle development and maximize feed efficiency.

Gro-Fin 55-45 

Grow-finish base mix product option designed for producers who do not require phytase enzymes.