Swine Feed Additives

Swine Feed Additives

The Cargill Promote® range of products is designed to enhance feed performance while contributing to animal well-being. Provimi nutritionists align swine feed additive development, technology and research within Promote® to provide customer-centered nutrition solutions. 

It takes optimal diet formulation, highly researched ingredients and credible research trials to ensure the most efficient nutrition solutions for each stage of a pig’s life. 

How do you manage all of these factors while optimizing profits to ensure commercial sustainability?

As your trusted partner, our goal is to help you successfully answer this question. Promote® offers a variety of swine feed additives and nutrition products developed for the specific purpose of supporting pig health and performance benefits. 



A blend of flavors sourced from plant extracts


Cinergy IGP


A combination of bacillus, yeast culture, and reed sedge peat designed to promote lower GI tract health and stool quality

Defusion® Prime


A blend of preservatives and other ingredients designed for use in swine feed

Defusion® Plus


A blend of preservatives and other ingredients designed for use in swine feed, particularly in the reproducing animal

Defusion® 501


A freely-flowing, anti-caking agent and pelleting aid



Phytase blends designed for use in monogastric diets

ProHacid® Advance LOC 2.0U


A dry acidifying blend formulated to promote gut health in pigs



A high quality, reliable source of organic selenium

​Promote® Additives