Start 80 Base Pig Feed


Start 80 Base pig feed provides the nutritional link between the complex pig starter and early grower diet. Start 80 is targeted for pigs 25-40 lbs.


Start 80 Base Benefits

Pigs on Start 80 Base feed are almost ready for a grow-finish diet. Based on the biology of the pigs, our nutritionists provide recommendations to maintain growth performance and minimize per pig feed costs to ensure proper timing into grow-finish diets. 


Start 80 Base Features
  • Provides phytase enzyme to lower phosphorus excretion and diet cost
  • Nutrient density is maximized, resulting in a low inclusion rate per ton, and significant cost savings per pound of gain
  • Provides a research proven balance of amino acids utilizing multiple protein sources, as well as crystalline amino acids

Recommended as a receiving ration for feeder pigs less than 40 lbs. body weight.

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