Start 175


Start 175 is a starter diet for pigs designed specifically for producers using a single grind-and-mix diet. It can be used from 20 lbs. through the remainder of the nursery period, and in pigs up to 50 lbs.


Start 175 Benefits

Throughout the different phases of nursery feeding, it is important to minimize nursery feed costs by transitioning pigs to lower cost diets when possible. Producers will require different number of feeding phases for their nursery program depending on variables such as; age spread through the barn and feed delivery equipment. Start 175 allows producers to utilize a two-phase, high-quality grind and mix diet program from 13–40 lbs.


Start 175 Features
  • Combines multiple animal protein sources to provide a highly digestible pig starter diet
  • Provides a high-quality starter diet with a low base mix inclusion rate that supports excellent growth performance

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