Sow HP-80 SP Base Mix


This base mix that is formulated at a low 80 pound per ton inclusion rate for most diets, includes increased levels of Selenium Yeast and phytase enzymes. Sow HP-80 SP Base Mix supports the performance levels of today's maternal genetic lines.


Sow HP-80 SP Base Mix Benefits

All phases of the sow’s reproductive cycle are interrelated and producers look for sow nutrition that optimizes economics and performance.


Sow HP-80 SP Base Mix Features
  • Low 80 pound per ton inclusion rate for most diets which puts less dependence on expensive inorganic phosphorus to meet mineral requirements
  • Increased levels of Selenium Yeast for improved body storage in the sow and increased selenium levels in the milk
  • Increased levels of phytase enzymes which inexpensively enhances the poorly digested phytase form of phosphorus found in grains and soybean meal
  • Contains supplemental levels of crystalline lysine to meet the amino acid requirements of productive females without unnecessary reliance on soybean meal.