Sow & Boar Products

Sow and Boar Feed Products

Nutrition with breeding management and reproduction in mind calls for specific strategy and diet formulation to ensure maximized profits. We understand how to apply nutrients to breeding stock’s diets, ensuring optimized performance and piglet health. Specific diet formulation for each stage of gilt development, gestation, and lactation is an important part of breeding farm management. Feeding strategies for today’s top-performing sows must match the nutrient requirements in order to support and sustain herd longevity.


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Provimi’s Swine Sow & Boar feed products are backed by research and proven as effective diet strategies.

Sow Vitamin Premixes

Customizable premix formulas designed for high performing sows. 

Sow HP-80 SP Base Mix

A base mix that is formulated at a low 80 pound per ton inclusion rate for most diets, includes increased levels of Selenium Yeast and phytase enzymes

Replacement Gilt Micro-Booster

Designed for developing gilts, new start-up herds, multiplier herds and in other herds experiencing hoof and feet lesions.  

Boar Plus

Supplement product to a properly fortified gestation diet to meet the mature boar’s unique nutritional needs.

Farrow Pac Plus

A combination of ingredients that provides a gentle laxative effect when needed for gilts and/or sows.


Designed to help balance an animal’s appropriate ratio between essential amino acids and protein.