Prestart 550 Complete Feed


Prestart 550 Complete Feed for pigs is a highly-digestible, pelleted prestarter for the late prestarter period that supports rapid growth and excellent feed efficiency. Prestart 550 Complete is targeted for pigs 13-18 lbs. (can go up to 22 lbs.)


Prestart 550 Complete Feed Benefits

Prestart 550 Complete Feed is an important product within Provimi’s market-leading diet strategy. A properly phased feeding program will provide a smooth transition from a mother’s milk to corn and soy diets, in addition to optimizing performance and costs. Producers work with Provimi nutritionists and specialists to choose the correct sequence of diets. 


Prestart 550 Complete Feed Features 
  • Contains multiple animal protein sources to provide the proper balance of highly digestible amino acids for prestarter pigs
  • Provides a blend of energy sources to support the rapidly changing digestive system of the young pig.  Sources include steam rolled oats and highly digestible milk products
  • Energy sources include steam rolled oats and highly digestible milk products


Feed as the sole ration to pigs weighing between 13 and 18 lbs. Recommended as the second diet for pigs weaned at 18 to 21 days of age, following Pig 2000 or Pig 1300. Feed as the first feed to pigs weaned greater than 4 weeks of age. Prestart 550 is not recommended for pigs weighing more than 22 lbs.


*We also offer a Prestart 550 Base product which is mixed with corn and soybean meal to make a similar diet.

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