Piranha Pig


Piranha Pig is a highly-palatable feed that helps newly-weaned pigs that have just been weaned become interested in dry feed. The formula is designed to be used up to five days and encourages early feed intake. 


Piranha Pig Benefits

Early feed intake immediately after weaning is essential to better starts and overall positive performance. Piranha Pig gets pigs eating quickly and is especially supportive to pigs that are vulnerable to becoming starve outs, fallbacks or potential culls.  


Piranha Pig Features
  • Highly palatable and can be sprinkled on top of feed to encourage better feed intake
  • Stimulates early feed intake to eliminate vulnerabilities such as chilling, early gut problems, diarrhea, weight loss and health challenges
  • Designed in a mash form to reduce wastage that could come from a pellet form rolling and bouncing off mats or boards used in the post-weaning stage
  • Also works when mixed with water and fed as a “gruel”