Pig Gruel Powder


Pig Gruel Powder is designed as a soluble that will stay in solution and not separate once mixed in with water. It is recommended for pigs weaned under 17 days of age and weighing less than 8-9 lbs. 


Pig Gruel Powder Benefits

Gruel feeding is a management practice that can help reduce mortality and morbidity in the nursery phase.  Pig Gruel Powder can be an excellent tool to greatly reduce problems with starve-out pigs and pigs struggling to transition into a nursery feed program. 


Pig Gruel Powder Features
  • Ensures newly weaned pigs receive immediate nourishment
  • Provides a management tool to save more pigs by getting slow starters and starve outs to transition into eating
  • Mixed with water and fed as a liquid supplement

Pig gruel research trial