Pig Creep Feed


Creep feeding, or offering feed to piglets that are still nursing, has been shown to improve post-weaned feed intake and gains during the first few days after weaning. Weaned pigs that start on feed sooner upon weaning have faster growth rates and are less likely to become a fallback, cull or a light pig at market.

Pig Creep feed is formulated specifically for quicker and easier starts and promotes gut health.


Pig Creep Feed Benefits

Provides producers easier, better starts with weaned pigs and overall economic impacts for lifetime performance and efficiency.


Pig Creep Feed Features
  • Stimulates quick interest in solid feed and develops eating behavior by piglets
  • Formulation includes a high percentage of steam rolled oats to promote gut health - conditions the gut for transition to post-weaning diets
  • Designed to supplement rather than replace sow’s milk, so cost is reduced compared to an early wean pellet
  • Meal form reduces waste
  • Highly palatable for consistent consumption


Pig Creep feed should be fed directly on the mat. Otherwise, a wide shallow pan is recommended, which allows piglets easy access to the feed. Pig Creep feed is manufactured in a meal form to prevent it from bouncing, rolling or easily being kicked off mats.