Pig 2000™ Starter Feed


Pig 2000 is a specialized small pellet designed for pigs weaned at 2-3 weeks, weighing 9-12 lbs. Pig 2000 contains plasma proteins, lactose and milk proteins.


Pig 2000 Benefits

Pig 2000 starter feed is incorporated into the market-leading nursery diet strategy from Provimi. Our nutritionists work with producers to understand different variables, such as weaning age, weight of pig, environment, and production goals to recommend the exact length of time and the amount of Pig 2000 to feed for optimum intake and gain.


Pig 2000 Features
  • Consistently produces fast, efficient gains
  • Highly palatable and encourages feed intake
  • Minimizes post-weaning diarrhea
  • Reduces weaning stress
  • Can be used as a creep ration where milk production is inadequate


Feed as the sole ration to pigs weaned at 17 to 21 days of age or pigs weighing 9 to 12 lbs. at weaning. Pig 2000 is not recommended for pigs weighing more than 15 lbs. Creep feeding Pig 2000 or Pig Creep is encouraged when sow milk production is insufficient and feed wastage can be minimized.

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