Pig 1300™ Starter Feed


Pig 1300 is formulated for pigs weaned at 3-4 weeks and it incorporates many of the same nutritional features of Pig 2000 and Pig 3000. It is designed to be a more economical choice for producers. Pig 1300 is targeted for pigs 12-14 lbs. and contains plasma proteins, lactose, milk proteins and other highly digestible protein sources.


Pig 1300 Benefits

Our nutritionists incorporate Pig 1300 into the Provimi® market-leading nursery diet strategy when the pigs are at least 12 lbs. Pig 1300 starter feed is a more economical formula for customers, and is recommended for weaning pigs that are large enough and whose digestive system has started to mature. Our nutritionists work with producers to understand different variables, such as weaning age, weight of pig, environment, and production goals to recommend the exact length of time and amount of Pig 1300 to feed for optimum intake and gain.


Pig 1300 Features
  • Incorporates many nutritional features of Pig 3000 and Pig 2000, but at a lower cost
  • Is recommended as the second or third feed when pigs are weaned at a very young age following Pig 3000 or Pig 2000


Feed as the sole ration to pigs weaned at 3 to 4 weeks of age or to pigs weighing less than 14 lbs. Pig 1300 starter feed is not recommended for pigs weighing more than 16 lbs.

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