Nurture™ Young Pig Program and Technologies

Nurture is a young pig program that adapts to the changing needs of the swine industry.


The swine industry has changed a lot in the past decade with amazing improvements in sow productivity and litter size, along with a decrease in the number of truly skilled laborers to take quality care of young pigs.

With wean-to-finish death loss rates reaching as high as 10 percent1, there is an increased need for supporting young pig development starting right away at weaning. This is especially true when everyone percent mortality costs approximately $1.00 per pig placed.

Right Nutrition at the Right Time


Our Nurture program is based on fi­ndings from Provimi’s research that led us to focus on feeding pigs based on age rather than weight. This allows us to support the unique needs of young pigs by feeding the right nutrients at the right time to help combat issues and ensure projected performance.


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This graph illustrates the relationship between the age of the pig and its ability to digest and utilize various ingredients. The young pig’s digestive system digests milk products better than corn and soybean meal. As the pig gets older, enzymes which allow corn and soybean meal to be utilized more efficiently increase in activity. Prestarter diets designed to match the pig’s digestive development at each stage result in maximum performance.

The Nurture Program includes the Latest in Swine Nutrition Technologies


When added in Nurture diets, LipoTec™ and Promote® AOX™ SD have shown to support healthy growth and optimized profitability.

LipoTec is a novel fatty acid blend that helps pigs get a better start via two mechanisms:

  • LipoTec supports feed intake and maintains fat reserves to help improve energy status
  • LipoTec supports health under challenging conditions



Promote AOX SD is a combination of botanical products that can help support the animal’s health during stressful events.

Nurture Standard Program


Nurture is designed to match the nutritional needs of young pigs with highly digestible and palatable ingredients, functional proteins, and Nurture technologies that focus on supporting livability and improving the energy status of young pigs.

Nurture Boost


Nurture Boost provides additional nutrients and ingredients to support the immune system and gut health in young pigs experiencing health challenges.

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1 National Pork Board (NPB). 2018. Industry benchmarks for swine productivity. Available: Accessed December 4, 2018

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