Nurse-ON® Pig Milk Replacer


Nurse-ON® is a high-quality milk replacer designed for use in the farrowing room to supplement litters while still on the sow or to provide complete nutrition to at-risk or orphaned pigs. 


Nurse-ON® Benefits

Larger litter sizes can be a positive thing for pig producers, however, ensuring that each piglet gets the right nutrient intake and care can be a challenge. Provimi® Nurse-ON® can encourage overall litter weight gain. Nurse-ON® closely simulates sow’s milk for excellent pig performance, and is designed for ease of handling in automatic liquid dispensing systems.


Nurse-ON® Features
  • Greatly reduces pre-weaning mortality of at-risk pigs
  • Allows light birth weight pigs to grow faster than if they are left on the sow
  • Reduces the need for inconvenient and expensive use of nurse sows


Nurse-ON® medicated milk replacer is ideal for orphan pigs raised in any environment where they can be kept warm, comfortable, and clean. Proper cleaning of milk feeding equipment is essential to prevent bacterial challenges, as milk is an ideal environment for bacterial growth.