GroBooster is an add pac designed for use with Gro-Fin 55-45, Gro-Fin 46-37, or a Provimi formulated bulk base mix to provide an equivalent level of nutrition as Gro 65 Phytase.


GroBooster Benefits

Provimi nutritionists work with producers to understand their unique needs during the swine grow-finish diet stage. While diet strategy for grow-finish diets may not be as complex as nursery diets, they still need to result in increased feed intake for maximum feed efficiency.  GroBooster is used at a rate of 15 lbs. per ton in grower diets and optimizes amino acid levels to support maximum muscle deposition and feed efficiency.  


GroBooster Features
  • Supports muscle development
  • Sold as an Add Pac for convenient feeding and inventory options for the producer


GroBooster has high levels of copper. Additional copper should not be added.