Gro-Fin 55-45 Base Mix


Gro-Fin 55-45 is a grow-finish base mix designed for producers who do not require phytase enzymes. Gro-Fin 55-45 is recommended for pigs weighing 60 lbs. to market weight.


Gro-Fin 55-45 Benefits

There are circumstances when grow-finish operations require a diet strategy that does not include phytase enzymes, such as an operation that has added value on the phosphorus content of swine manure, or if the product has to be stored for an extended period of time.  Provimi recommends using Gro-Fin 55-45 over Gro-Fin 46-37 as a grow-finish base mix if storage of the original base mix and/or the mixed feed is longer than 30 days.


Gro-Fin 55-45 Features
  • Supports muscle development
  • Vitamin and mineral fortification to support high levels of performance cost effectively


Copper Zinc & Iron PMX is added to diets from 60-140 lb. body weight to cost-effectively support faster growth and better feed utilization.