Gro-Fin 46-37 Base Mix


Gro-Fin 46-37 is an essential part of a grower-finish diet due to its added crystalline lysine to improve lysine balance and lowers the required soybean meal levels needed in finishing diets. It is recommended for pigs 60 lbs. to market weight.


Gro-Fin 46-37 Benefits

Provimi nutritionists know that any non-essential ingredients added to a grow-finish diet strategy will quickly add unnecessary costs and decrease the feed efficiency.  By adding accurate levels of crystalline lysine, producers can reduce soybean meal levels and reduce their feed costs without reducing feed intake.


Gro-Fin 46-37 Features
  • Supports muscle development
  • Vitamin and mineral fortification to cost effectively support high levels of performance
  • Contains phytase enzymes to allow for lower inclusion rate and less phosphorus in waste


Copper Zinc & Iron PMX is added to diets from 60-140 lb body weight to help support faster growth and better feed utilization cost effectively.