Gro 65 Phytase Enzyme Supplement


Gro 65 Phytase is a complete base mix that provides a unique amino acid combination required to support rapid muscle development and maximize feed efficiency during the grower period when feed intake is relatively low and the potential for muscle deposition is extremely high. Gro65 Phytase is recommended for pigs between 40-60 lbs.


Gro 65 Phytase Enzyme Supplement Benefits

Provimi nutritionists know that any non-essential ingredients added to a grow-finish diet strategy will quickly add unnecessary costs and decrease the feed efficiency. Crystalline amino acids are included at ratios that optimize amino acid content of the final diet and reduce the amount of soybean meal needed in the diet, and therefore reducing feed costs. Phytase is included to reduce the amount of phosphorus in the diet.


Gro 65 Phytase Enzyme Supplement Features
  • Supports muscle development
  • Inexpensive phytase enzyme helps to improve digestibility of naturally occurring phosphorus


Gro 65 Phytase enzyme supplement has high levels of copper. Additional copper should not be added.