Feed Additives for Poultry

Feed Additives for Poultry

Cargill’s Promote® range of feed additive products is designed to enhance feed performance while contributing to animal well-being.  Provimi nutritionists align additive development, technology and research within Promote® to provide customer-centered nutrition solutions. 

Provimi poultry nutritionists know how important trusted, research-based feed additives are to poultry diet strategy. Additives are becoming more important to the poultry industry as consumer expectations continue to evolve, and producers are challenged to reduce the use of antibiotics in production.

As poultry production continues to grow and is projected to become the primary source of protein globally, we can offer expertise and knowledge to overcome the ever-changing challenges and choices in poultry nutrition.

Regardless of the size of your operation, you can depend on innovative, scientifically-validated Promote® feed additive products and nutritional solutions to enhance your flock’s performance and health.



AOX™ is a combination of botanicals that help support animal health during stressful conditions. AOX™ provides dairy producers a low-cost alternative to meet the health needs of their animals.

Cinergy IGP


A combination of bacillus, yeast culture, and reed sedge peat designed to promote lower GI tract health and litter quality

Defusion® 501


A freely-flowing, anti-caking agent and pelleting aid



Phytase blends designed for use in monogastric diets



A high quality, reliable source of organic selenium

​Promote® Additives