Farrow Pac Plus Sow Laxative



Farrow Pac Plus Sow Laxative Benefits

Proper care and husbandry practices are critical to meeting producers’ goals of a large litter of healthy, viable piglets that can quickly grow into healthy, well-nourished pigs. Sows' nutritional needs vary during the farrowing time, but oftentimes sows will become constipated. Farrow Pac Plus will act as a gentle laxative to help alleviate or prevent constipation.   


Farrow Pac Plus Sow Laxative Features
  • May be used just at farrowing time or continuously as needed
  • Laxative action softens stools without dehydrating the animal, and does not tie up or interfere with other essential nutrients
  • Palatable and easy to use
  • May be added to the complete feed or top dressed for individual treatment