Enteligen™ environmental management system

Enteligen™ App

Improving Your Pig's Environment for Your Bottom Line

You need every advantage possible to succeed in the highly competitive pork market. That’s why it’s important to not only have the right nutrients, but also have the right environment for your pigs. Enteligen is a mobile on-farm application that your feed consultant or a Provimi Environmental Specialist uses to provide you with immediate recommendations for making environmental improvements at your farm.



Why Enteligen?

Excessive air drafts, elevated temperatures, and poor social environments are just a few factors that can lead to reduced lactation and conception in sows, and reduced weights during post-weaning and finishing in market pigs.

Enteligen™ is designed to support walkthroughs for each barn – from farrowing to finisher barns. Whether your ventilation system is open house or controlled environment, the Enteligen™ system provides answers that fit your conditions. Key environmental areas in a barn audit include air quality, thermal environment, water and others. These are areas that ensure pig well-being and ultimately increase pork producers’ profitability.



The Enteligen App Evaluates the Following Factors:
  • Air Quality – humidity, ammonia level, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide
  • Water – nipple flow rate, height and allocation
  • Thermal Environment – environmental temperature, flooring and draft, and temperature fluctuation
  • Social Environment – floor space and type, and stocking density
  • Advanced Ventilation – heat transfer, sensible heat production, latent heat production, and fan tables
  • Feed – Feeder space and adjustment
  • General Health – stool condition, hoof health, coughing, sneezing and appearance




Provimi is dedicated to helping animal producers provide the best care and feed solutions to their animals. For more information about how the Enteligen™ environmental management system can improve your farm performance, contact your local feed consultant.