AA BOOST can help balance an animal’s ratio between essential amino acids and protein. AA BOOST is incorporated into the Provimi Grower-Finisher diet strategy and the Provimi Breeding diet strategy. It is designed for use in lactation diets in combination with formulated base mixes that already contain crystalline lysine. 


AA BOOST Benefits

Producers can save on expensive proteins necessary in a diet if high levels of synthetic amino acids are used as a supplement. Adding AA BOOST at 5lbs/ton to diets already containing L-Lysine will reduce the amount of soybean meal needed in the diet by approximately 100 lb/ton.


AA BOOST Features
  • Can substantially reduce expensive soybean meal levels required
  • Supplementing the synthetic amino acids can increase feed efficiency
  • Supplementing AA BOOST can decrease protein excretion and ammonia levels in manure


Do not exceed this level of amino acid supplementation.