Marisol Orella

Calf and Heifer Technical Support Specialist

About Marisol

Marisol was born and raised in Siguatepeque, a town in central Honduras. She grew up on a dairy farm dedicated to the processing and distribution of dairy products. Marisol earned her B.S. in Agricultural Science from the Universidad Nacional de Agricultura in Catacamas, Honduras. She obtained her M.S. in Dairy Science from the Louisiana State University researching the effect of starter mixing method on preweaned dairy calf performance and rumen health. In 2020, Marisol received her Ph.D. in Animal and Dairy Science from the University of Georgia investigating the effect of milk replacer feeding rate and feeding frequency on performance, health, and metabolism of preweaned dairy calves raised in heat stress conditions.

Marisol lives in Eau Claire, WI and serves customers in the Midwest region. 

Member of Team Provimi since: January 4, 2021


B. S. Agricultural Science, Universidad Nacional de Agricultura y Ganadería  

M.S. Dairy Science, Louisiana State University 2016

Ph.D. Dairy Science, University of Georgia 2020.